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Air Canada (TSX:AC): This News Will Hurt The Stock – The Motley Fool Canada

30-Year Cycle: “The 30-Year Cycle is very important because it is one-half of the 60-year cycle or Great Cycle and contains three 10-year cycles. One-half of 45 is 22 ½ years or 270 months. Cmdr. David Williams who had been head of the purchasing department for Con Ed for 40 years and a Lt Cmdr in the Navy in the Big War and he was a fine gentleman. Arch: On the day before my birthday, in 1963, the Wall Street Journal had a front-page article about three guys who were predicting the market using astrology. Larry Williams in the same book says “I also met F.B Thatcher who had been Gann’s promoter and advance man who said that Gann was just a good promoter, not necessarily a good boutiques near me trader”. AMZN stock continues to hold the $170’s. It is not useful for the stock market. A seasonal pattern merely depicts the well-worn path a market itself has tended to follow. This SoLunar Map depicts the bias for short-term movements of stock indices two months ahead.


Playing the Field: Geomagnetic Storms and the stock Market, a study of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, notes the following: Unusually high levels of geomagnetic activity have a negative, statistically and economically significant effect on the following week’s stock returns for all US stock market indices. Properly constructed seasonal patterns may typically help one find trends that have recurred in the same direction during the same period of time most years with a high degree of past reliability. Shares of Hyperdynamics Corporation hit a new 52 week high on Tuesday. However, it does raise a valid issue: When computers mechanically sift only raw data, what discoveries are relevant? Anaplan offers business planning software, that facilitates connections among people, their data, and their plans. Running a business brings many challenges with it. Virgins are stock which never had a significant rally in their life time. I would keep an eye on FAS, if you see that stock start to break down, the stock market will correct.


On Nov 07 (Wed) the lunar node’s speed will reach a short term minimum. stock indices are likely to move sideways-to-down from Nov 08 (Thu) into Nov 12 (Mon). The stock market has seen a really nice recovery as we get ready for the U.S to open back up in May. The New York stock Exchange is seen here on Wednesday. Technically, the “stock” Android on these phones doesn’t come directly from Google (as with the Nexus line), but instead is built and maintained by Samsung and HTC. The market would follow that line for several months and then if would go off and do something else and for several months it would be off of that line and then it would come back onto it sometime later. 20-Year Cycle: “One of the most important Time Cycle is the 20-year cycle or 240 months. Great Cycle – Master Time Period – 60 Years: “This is the greatest and most important cycle of all, which repeats every 60 years or at the end of the third 20-Year Cycle. Wall Street expected the GDP figure to be much worse, some calling for the number to be down 1% for the third quarter.