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Stock Market Analysis: 01/30/09

Maybe Jack Ma has made a lot of enemies but they certainly did need and do need to calm down the debt situation in China. While Contra trading had been in the market since the early 1980s, many had been pondering and mesmerized on how to trade profitably during the Contra period so that one doesn’t need to fork out cash and funds will not be tied up which can be rotate in some other counters for more profitable trades. The purpose of this blog is not intended to induce and/or promote any form of insider trading or market manipulation activities. It should not be used as a decision to solicit and/or engage in any form of trading activities. One must also practice his/her own due diligence in engaging in any form of trading activities. One may also suffer losses. Below are rankings in the series from number one down to the bottom in terms of annual returns. SGX to pick from, the skills acquired allows one to pick trendy boutique s in less than 5 seconds and select the best possible stocks so that returns are exponential and bountiful. I have NO experience in the stock market, is it possible for me to pick up the skills?


With Mind Analysis, I shall show how to avoid most pitfalls made by public and how to time your entry as close as possible to the big boys so that they buy, you buy and they sell, you sell. The stock Operators Maneuvers Manual is only for clients who are hungry for success in the stock market and it’s a manual which reveals the tricks and maneuvers used by the Big Boys to operate and orchestra the stock market. A wild day in the Dow Jones and Nasdaq as the market experienced some Quadraple Witching where the volatility was high and stocks hit lows while recovered back. It wasn’t an easy day but it was a recovery in the market that was seldom seen and it just happened last evening. Ten, twenty, or even thirty years is not long enough to ensure successful returns in the stock market. For international equities, the opposite has been the case; returns the year after a U.S. Managing the stock or inventory means more than just knowing how many of each kind of product you have or carrying out an awful count at the end of the year.